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Voice Lessons

Voice Lessons

By Eve Kraków

Voice Lessons is a collection of personal essays about a shy introvert’s struggle to find her voice—as a singer, a writer, a mother, and a human being. Using traditional narrative and hybrid forms, debut author Eve Krakow explores the early loss of her mother, her innermost anxieties as a young adult, the building of family, the push and pull of heritage and tradition, and more. Juxtaposing shyness in life with boldness on stage, these stories expose the deep-seated need for human connection and belonging.


MiroLand (Memoir)


157 pages |

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About the author

Eve Krakow is a Montreal writer, translator, singer and mom. Her work has appeared in anthologies and magazines such as Grain MagazineThe NasionaJMWW JournalMaisonneuve, Smithsonian Magazine and Shy: An Anthology. She writes about the need for human connection and belonging, the depth and complexity of shyness, experiences of motherhood, and other undercurrents of daily life. Voice Lessons is her first book.