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The Red Hairband

The Red Hairband

By Catherine Greene

Evie knows she must put the good of the community before all else—that is the only way to fix the problems that led to the Great Flood. But when she is sent as a spy to a society less restrictive than her own, she must choose between loyalty to all she knows, and freedom in the world outside. Many years later, Evie’s name has become a symbol of revolution. But Bertram uncovers a secret that changes everything he thought he knew. He must decide whether to reveal the truth, or protect the fragile peace of his society. In his journey, he encounters time-travelling historians intent on preventing apocalypse by communicating with Laura, a woman from before the Great Flood. Laura is convinced her newborn baby speaks to her, and must decide whether to trust herself, or the doctors telling her she is crazy. Through these three intertwined stories, The Red Hairband explores the inhumanity that is brought about when we are too certain of our beliefs.


Guernica World Editions (World Prose)


304 pages |

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About the author

Since an early age Catherine Greene has been fascinated by totalitarian regimes and the ways in which they use utopian dreams to subvert people’s sense of morality. This book is an exploration of this theme. It has been a longstanding ambition of Catherine’s to become an author, but it wasn’t until she returned to university later in life that she felt able to write coherently. She has had a varied career including working as a journalist, an academic, and latterly as an ethics consultant. She lives in Kent with her husband and son and enjoys walking in the countryside, camping, and TV she’d be embarrassed to be caught watching.