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The Foundations of Kindness

The Foundations of Kindness

By Richard Vission

The Foundations of Kindness is a tale of love, politics, murder and assassination in Sixties Chicago told from the vantage point of the mountains of British Columbia in the Seventies. Plus contemporary commentary. Young revolutionaries take on the Chicago Democratic Party machine with disastrous consequences for them and their movement. Fifty years later some of them are older, wiser, weaker but uncowed.


Guernica Editions (Essential Prose Series)


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Vission understands and plays brilliantly with the slippery notions of novelist as historian, of the variable truth of memory, of how many faceted points of view that a journey into the past must entail. This is a sneaky book; the narrative builds slowly but relentlessly to a powerful impact.

BC Review (Formerly The Ormsby Review)

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About the author

"I became a novelist as a teenager in a seminar with Saul Bellow, but when I quit school to write the great American novel, I discovered I lacked imagination. It took me many years of living to compensate for this lack, but eventually I acquired enough experience to write six novels. The Foundations of Kindness is the first -- and last -- of them. Most of it was written in 1975-6. The logues (prologue, dialogues, epilogues) were added between 2014 and 2018. After leaving Chicago I lived thirty-five years in the West Kootenays of British Columbia and six years in China. I presently live in the Victoria area of Vancouver Island."