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Poems in the Voice of Mary Shelley

By Chad Norman

What if the lady -- Jane Austen's contemporary --who conceived the world's most intriguing modern monster (Doc Frankenstein's creature) -- was also a proto-suffragette, precursor-feminist, and, simultaneously, much to her chagrin, wedded to a narcissist poet, whose liberalism urged on his libertinism? How would such a woman think? What would she say about her majuscule Romantic dilemma and miniscule romantic predicament? Such are the questions that Chad Norman pursues in his act (and art) of sympathetic re-animation: Squall: Poems in the Voice of Mary Shelley.


Guernica Editions (Essential Poets Series)


108 pages |

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Norman excels at depicting the emotional turmoil of a brilliant woman forced into the shadows, and Judith Bauer’s gothic illustrations amplify the power of Norman’s words.


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