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By Shira Nayman

Shoreline, a creative-nonfiction memoir, melds tales of intergenerational wandering, the joys and challenges of raising children in multiple countries, historical and literary figures from within their cultural contexts, and an exploration of deep friendships and family relations. In bringing together all these strains, the book brings to life ways in which our own personal identity is inextricably intertwined with the people who matter to us as well as with our familial and cultural histories.


Guernica World Editions (Memoir)


254 pages |

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Shoreline is a gripping memoir of an extraordinary life. It is written with all the vivid detail of a novel but given added resonance by the pressure of fact behind it. The author explores the notion of identity across four continents and through several generations. How do we discover who we are? Transcend the wounds of a difficult childhood? Make sense of the loss of loved ones? Deal with the inherited burden of a horror like the Holocaust? Shira Nayman reflects on these issues unflinchingly and with penetrating insight in a moving account of how she has made sense of a difficult inheritance and reached a place of understanding from which to go forward.

Charles Palliser, author of The Quincunx and Sufferance

This vibrant book is riveting—not just brilliant, but its work is deep and beautiful, and has lived in my mind from the first moment I dipped into it: so well written, so imaginative, so very present, and so unnerving. A must-read.

Iain McGilchrist, author of The Master and His Emissary and The Matter with Things

Shoreline is such a touching and stimulating book, filled with haunting details and a lucid and penetrating vision. Superb and stunning.

David Mikics, author of Stanley Kubrick: American Filmmaker (Yale Jewish Lives)

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About the author

Shira Nayman was born in South Africa, grew up in Australia, and has lived in Israel, Mexico, France, and Colombia. She now makes her home in Brooklyn, NY, and Highland Park, NJ. Nayman has a Psy.D. from Rutgers University (Clinical Psychology), and completed a two-year post-doctoral fellowship in psychology at New York Hospital-Cornell University Medical Center in Westchester. The recipient of three year-long grants from the Australia Council for the Arts Literary Board, Nayman also received the Cape Branch Award for Emerging Woman writer and a Hadassah Brandeis Institute grant for fiction writing. She has taught psychology, creative writing, literature and narrative medicine at Barnard College, Rutgers University, and Columbia University. Nayman has also built a career as a strategic marketing consultant, working with Fortune 100 companies and national political campaigns to develop positioning strategy for major brands, product launches, and political candidates. Nayman continues to divide her working life between consulting and writing fiction. She has published fiction and non-fiction in a variety of literary journals and newspapers. Her previous acclaimed novels include A Mind of Winter, The Listener, Awake in the Dark, and River.