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A Sea Odyssey

By Rita Pomade

Seeker: A Sea Odyssey is the story of two people who meet in Mexico and fall in love. Rita is an American part-time English language teacher and freelance reporter for an English language tourist magazine struggling to raise two young boys on her own. Bernard is a French geologist under contract to the Mexican government to search for underground thermal springs. She dreams of finding Shangri-la after witnessing a bloody government crackdown from which she barely escapes. He dreams of having a yacht and sailing the world. Their dreams mesh, and they immigrate to Canada to earn the money to build their boat.


MiroLand (Memoir and Biography)


330 pages |

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The vivid imagery of the writing and the outstanding experiences that the author shares tell a powerful story of adventure. To Rita, everyone’s life is a story. From this perspective, with distance and observation, one can learn from it.

The Senior Times


QWF Concordia First Novel Award (Nominated)

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About the author

Rita Pomade, an intrepid nomad originally from New York, now lives and writes in Montreal. Her work has appeared in literary magazines and poetry reviews, and her monologue for auditioning actors was selected for inclusion in the Monologue Bank. An excerpt from her forthcoming memoir Seeker: A Sea Odyssey was included in two travel anthologies.