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By Mark Fishman

Lake City has a lot of heavy weather, and it’s not just in the air. Eduardo “Vince” Negron has a regular table at a bar-restaurant in Pigsville called El Perro Negro, from where he runs El Manojo, a motley assortment of hoodlums. Negron is minor league, but across town former gangster gone legit Lloyd Frend is thinking big: perhaps he will run for office one day; he will certainly make a heap more dough. Men will be caught in the crossfire between Negron and Frend as they battle for territory, not least Walt Hargrove, an appliance store salesman drawn to El Manojo by curiosity and the desire to make an extra buck or two. Told with a tongue in various cheeks, Pigsville is a gripping tale full of sex, drugs, and violence and not a little black humour.


Guernica World Editions (World Prose)


364 pages |

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About the author

Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1954, Mark Fishman has lived and worked in Paris since 1995. His short stories have appeared in a number of literary magazines such as the Chicago Review, the Carolina Quarterly, the Black Warrior Review, the Mississippi Review, Frank (Paris), and The Literary Review. He was the English-language editor of The Purple Journal (Paris) and Les Cahiers Purple (Lisbon).