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Melba's Wash

Melba's Wash

By Reesa Steinman Brotherton

Melba's Wash is a rich telling of the archetypal search. In this fractured familial story, Esther Prat wraps her fingers with her diamond necklace and reflects on the secrets, lies, and pain that haunt her life, and makes her choice. Born on Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick, as an infant she is unceremoniously taken to Montreal, Quebec, to spend the first ten years of her life brought up in an affluent Jewish family. At the age of ten, upon the death of her “daddy,” she is without explanation not allowed to attend his funeral and is taken on a train destined for New Brunswick, back to the poverty-stricken environment of her family of origin. The culture shock results in emotional and spiritual torment, undermining her self-esteem and sense of identity. On into life, marriage, children, divorce, a devastating flood, geographical moves, and a battle with pharmaceutical drugs, she struggles to maintain equilibrium and balance of past and present.


Guernica Editions (Essential Prose Series)


260 pages |

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An entrancing story, very straightforward, very sad, but mirthful too.

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About the author

Born into an impoverished New Brunswick family, like her protagonist in Melba’s Wash, Reesa Steinman Brotherton was taken to Montreal, raised Jewish, then at age 10, sent back to her family of origin. A “Dark Horse” among Canadian authors, she received certificates of Creative Writing from Humber College, Mount University College, and has published many works in Saskatchewan, along with author readings.