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By Max Layton

Like consists of fifty poems every one of which uses the word “like.” Like is about people and things Layton likes -- or, sometimes, dislikes. In these poems, Layton expresses a gamut of emotions, from the fear of death to the peaceful contentment of watching two nesting Canadian geese. However, “like” is more than an emotionally charged verb. It is also the basis of simile. It is by likening one thing to another that Layton finds meaning in ordinary things. Since all things are alike in some way, Like is a book of poetry about the underlying unity of all creation.


Guernica Editions (Essential Poets Series)


70 pages |

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(When The Rapture Comes): “Uses irony the way a gem cutter perfects the facets of a diamond!”

Joe Rosenblatt

(In The Garden of I Am): “A genuine pleasure to read. A sturdy intelligence at work!”

Dennis Lee


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About the author

The eldest son of poet Irving Layton, Max has worked as everything from tobacco picker, logger, and apprentice auto mechanic to bank vice president and high school English teacher. He is the author of a novel, a short story collection, four CDs, and two previous books of poems from Guernica: When The Rapture Comes and In The Garden of I Am. He lives in Cheltenham, Ontario.