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Itzel I

Itzel I

A Tlatelolco Awakening

By Sarah Xerar Murphy

The first of two-part novel, Itzel I tells the story of three disparate characters swept up in the drama of the Mexican student movement of 1968 whose ending in the Massacre in Tlatelolco on October 2nd, a date now always commemorated in Mexico, changed their lives forever. Broad in scope and exuberant in style in the best tradition of Latin American literature, this book roots its readers in the ebullience of Mexico's daily life and language, even as they are made to confront the horrors of history, to examine the difficulties of friendship and family.


Guernica Editions (Essential Prose Series)


314 pages |

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The dazzling fluency, the technical virtuosity, the energy and exuberance – they’re all here. Sarah Murphy is entertaining and reckless and wittily self-conscious about language and story-telling, but make no mistake: She is a literary and political subversive. If you haven’t read her before, hold onto your hat. You are in for a wild ride.

Ken McGoogan, author of Fatal Passage, Lady Franklin’s Revenge, and Flight of the Highlanders

In this audacious novel of many mixed ancestries, Sarah Murphy writes beautifully not only of but within the lives of exiles, thoughtful lives in haunted Mexico, lives that teem with the blockages and narrow escapes we call history. Such tenderness and intelligence are rarely found within the same covers. She plants them all over Itzel for the hungry reader.

Todd Gitlin, author of Occupy Nation and The Sixties: Years of Hope, Days of Rage


ReLit Awards for Fiction (Short-listed)

New Brunswick Book Award for Fiction (Winner)

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About the author

Prize winning author of eight books of fiction and memoir, Sarah Xerar Murphy is also widely recognized for her spoken word performance, and social justice work. Her bi-racial, bilingual and multicultural background combine with long-term residence in all three of North America’s largest countries to bring electrifying authenticity to her creations. She currently resides in Bocabec, NB.