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Hugger Mugger

Hugger Mugger

By Seán Haldane

Seán Haldane's previous collections of poems have been in chronological order. But there are two chronologies: the order in which poems are written, and the order of the events they describe. For example there are six poems in The Memory Tree (2015) which concern events before The Coast and Inland (1968). Haldane has written poems set in Italy while living in Canada, poems set in Canada while living in England. His longest collection so far, Always Two (2010), contains about 280 poems set in four European countries, the USA, and six Canadian provinces. Since this is a selection, not a collection, he has felt free to organise the poems in a loose chronological order of writing, and to put poems which 'belong' together - whether in place, time, or person - in separate sections. The last section includes recent poems which have been set in song cycles by the Canadian composers James Moffet (Poems of Absence) and David Jaeger (The Echo Cycle).


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I like Seán’s poems: clean, accurate and no nonsense…. They make sense, which is rare these days.

Robert Graves

Imaginative and always intelligent… impressive and moving.

Martin Seymour-Smith

He can be sure of his place among the English poets.

Robert Nye

The poems display… a consistent voice, which mark them out as written by Seán Haldane and no other.

David Cameron

Not unlike walking very close to a waterfall. Things sparkle and flash on all sides.

Helena Nelson

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About the author

Dr Seán Haldane in his historical and contemporary crime novels draws on his experience as a neuropsychologist in health services and the criminal justice system, first in Canada (Prince Edward Island and British Columbia) then in the UK from 1990 to 2020. From 2012 to 2020 he was in private practice based in London as an expert witness, working about 2/3 with police and crown prosecution services (via the National Crime Agency), and 1/3 with defence lawyers.