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Her Own Devices

Her Own Devices

By Geoff Dutton

After witnessing a kidnapping in gritty Piraeus, Greece, a Swiss ex-pat and ex-activist with an energetic five-year-old son vows to put the culprit, his swaggering partner, and the cop protecting them, out of business, relying on home-brew surveillance devices and a loose coalition of allies. All the while, an ethereal narrator — the spirit of the boy's late father, denied entry to Paradise — worriedly surveils them. He seeks to unite them with his long-lost brother, but lacks agency. Barely surviving her flash mob’s climactic confrontation with the bad guys, our heroine learns that you never know who your friends are until you need them, and even then you still might not know… but that’s okay.


Guernica World Editions (World Prose)


302 pages |

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This book is Anna's tale, [who] is appropriately making up her life as she goes along, leading with her heart. An urgent crusade to keep children safe drives this colorful, fictional biography.

A masterful tale that transcends genres, seamlessly blending mystery, thriller, and family drama into a gripping narrative that will leave readers enthralled. It's more than just a story; it's a journey into the depths of the human soul, where light and shadow converge to show readers that nothing is ever quite so simple as good and evil. Fans of any genre will not regret picking up this book.

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About the author

GEOFFREY DUTTON writes compelling fiction about contemporary issues. Her Own Devices movingly recapitulates and resolves his award-winning conspiracy thriller, Turkey Shoot. Geoff exited a tech career to write articles, essays, and books. He lives west of Boston, where he forages for edible mushrooms and serves them to his trusting family.