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Believe America

Believe America

How I tried to end mass shootings and accidentally started a cult

By Samson Johnson

When Samson Johnson feels pushed over the edge from news reports of another U.S. mass shooting, he comes up with the bi-partisan ‘Save Lives, Save Guns’ plan. If shootings could be made non-lethal, killings would be stopped, the insurance companies would still profit and nobody would have their guns taken away. From town hall meetings in Oklahoma, to a Pride Centre in Vermont, from sunny California, to the prairies of South Dakota, Samson’s sleepless effort to end mass shootings forever covers the breadth of the country. Yet as the campaign goes viral on social media and funds begin to pour in by the millions, Samson is confronted with the realities of his plan. Voices across the country begin to riddle him with doubt: that his policy may be misguided and stand to do more harm than good. Can Samson put a stop to his misguided plan in time? Or is the ‘Believe America’ movement a Frankenstein’s monster ‘too big to fail’? 

A biting satire on American exceptionalism, gun ownership and violence, #BelieveAmerica gets to the core of how hard it will be to change these attitudes and to bring sanity back into the debate. 


Guernica World Editions (World Prose)


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About the author

After several years working and writing in London, the author now lives in a quiet corner of Scandinavia, enjoying a balcony view, a fine lady and a fur baby. That is all.