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On the River of Time

By Carl Hare

Fictional epic: three years in the life of Ray Archer.

Archer portrays three years in the life of Ray Archer, a fictional Canadian actor/director dedicated to exploring performance styles with his diverse company. Following a Canada-wide tour of King Lear performed in mask, Archer takes his new epic history of Canada across the country and to Ireland, where a strange encounter changes his life in ways he could not imagine. Written in both modern and traditional poetic styles, Archer is Book Three of the epic trilogy On the River of Time, which examines three figures—one mythical (Odysseus), one historical (Edmund Spenser), and one fictional (Archer)—and the links between them across 3,000 years


Guernica Editions (Essential Poets Series)


648 pages |

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Archer — the character and the work — is a triumph ... What is perhaps most striking to me is how you managed to meld mask and contra mask, reality and fantasy, personalities and cultures, production and staging, leading us back to the Search by way of Lear and Odysseus, splitting open all kinds of mountains on the way.

Ann Saddlemyer

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About the author

Carl Hare in his long career has been a professor, actor, director, playwright, and poet. His poetic works include his play The Eagle and the Tiger, a commissioned poem for Malcolm Forsyth’s A Ballad of Canada (2010), his collection of short poems A Weathering of Years (2015), and his epic trilogy On the River of Time: Book One, Odysseus (2017); Book Two, Spenser (2018); and Book Three, Archer (2022).