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A Perfect Day to Die

A Perfect Day to Die

By Yoko Morgenstern

A widower meets a man who can change the weather. A middle-aged woman attempts to freeze to death; A young man attempts to starve to death. A young woman navigates in a foreign city, constructing a new identity. A dancer is forced to accept a ride home from a bar comedian. A divorcee meets an elderly Japanese woman… From the sombre offices of Tokyo to the ESL classrooms of Toronto, see how they find their own therapeutic ways to reconcile with their loss, agony, and despair


Guernica World Editions (World Prose)


120 pages |

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About the author

Yoko Morgenstern is originally from Tokyo. She started writing fiction while she was living in Canada from, inspired by many writers who wrote in a second language. Yoko is the author of two books in Japan and the United States, and a regular contributor to Newsweek Japan.