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Welcome to Kamini

Welcome to Kamini

A Novel

By Don Engebretson

Poor Russell Dean, golden boy of American advertising. His meticulously crafted career has brought him wealth, fame, an idyllic lifestyle and a beautiful wife. But now his wife is divorcing him, he's surrounded by fools and Russell is in a tailspin. A golf vacation to a remote Ontario resort town is exactly what he needs to skate through a rare rough patch. Or not. Mysterious natural forces far beyond his control and the eclectic characters he meets -- including three skilled, powerful women and a mirthful Ojibwe fishing guide -- have decidedly different plans. Welcome to the Canadian wilderness, Mr. Dean. Welcome to Kamini: Danger, Suspense, Mysticism, Romance and Live Bait.


Guernica World Editions (World Prose)


285 pages |

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In Welcome to Kamini, Don Engebretson introduces John Dogrib along with a bit of Ojibwe language and humor. Readers who have yet to meet an Ojibwe guide in the Northwoods will learn about the land, the language and the diversity within the culture. Those who know the culture well will appreciate the humor and individuality of Gribber who goes through a few changes of his own as he teaches others about life and laughter. It was an honor to help Don get the Ojibwe language right and to know an author who took time to make the right connections and give readers a window into a world beyond his own … It was a pleasure helping Don get the Ojibwe language and culture right … Ingikendaan wii-minwendaman gaa-ozhibiiged. (I know you will like what he wrote.)

Margaret Noodin, American Ojibwe poet, Professor of English and American Indian Studies, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Don has penned a jewel of the north. His debut novel is utterly charming, with a pitch-perfect ear for the brisk wit and easy rhythms of a northern Ontario resort community. The entertaining characters are warm and welcoming, even while they’re poking fun at you. This book—this place—is the soul-renewing vacation you need right now. Take it.

Stephanie Wilbur Ash, author of The Annie Year

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About the author

A native Minnesotan, Don Engebretson began writing about his passion—gardening—after college and soon was writing for magazines across the US. He has won five national writing awards from Garden Communicators International. Always a fiction fan, he began writing short stories and ultimately sat down to write Welcome to Kamini, his debut novel. Don joyfully acknowledges that summers spent at the family cottage in Minaki, Ontario had the greatest impact on his upbeat personality and positive outlook on life.