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Through the Waspmouth I Drew You

Through the Waspmouth I Drew You

By Nicola Vulpe

Marrying the precise yet nuanced language of his earlier work with new, invented vocabularies and usages, Nicola Vulpe draws deep into the origins of language to confront what it means to write poetry or attempt any artistic endeavour, or, indeed, continue in a world where so many of us struggle, literally, not to drown. Written to be read aloud, to be heard like a poem in the most ancient oral traditions, Through the Waspmouth is a synesthetic work that arouses our senses and our intellect. We come to this poem as to a new language, a language whose details and mechanics are opaque, but which, like a child turning to innate linguistic resources, we nonetheless somehow understand, and into which we are drawn and held in thrall.


Guernica Editions (Essential Poets Series)


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About the author

Nicola Vulpe considers poetry an unfortunate habit, but has nonetheless published three collections of poetry, When the Mongols Return, Insult to the Brain and Blue Tile, a novella, The Extraordinary Event of Pia H., an anthology of Canadian poetry about the Spanish Civil War, and essays on subjects as diverse as the Epic of Gilgamesh, and the afterlife of Norman Bethune.