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The Tenderness and the Wood

The Tenderness and the Wood

By Marlon Fick

The Tenderness and the Wood traverses cities, continents, and centuries searching for elusive swallows, symbolic of angels. It is a search for pre-religious purity in lyricism, resisting any sort of paraphrase or story that might later lead to easy codification. The result is an existential and agnostic gospel wherein redemption emerges as the transformative beauty of language itself


Guernica World Editions (World Poetry)


100 pages |

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Editorial Reviews ? Selected Poems He brings forth both the world and time. -- Ledo Ivo, Brazil His work reminds me powerfully of the kind of inspired work of writers abroad--Lorca in New York... -- Jonathan Holden, Literary Critic Impressive and magnificent. Destined one day to become a classic. -- National Public T.V. Mexico Review ? El niño de Safo He is a poet with a very very delicate touch, one who knows how to invoke silence. -- Olga Siqueros, Writer He is one of the most generous and profoundly lyric poets of our time. -- Angeles Mastretta, Novelist His work is a space in which the reader can't escape. -- El Financiero, Newspaper, Mexico Review ? Histerias Minimas He departs from the world of time to create a paradise beyond the self. -- Oscar Oliva, poet, Mexico In the end we may only know that it has taken us years to ponder the nuances. -- Hernan Bravo, Critic, Mexico Pathos that is never refractory but is always moving generously outward. Indeed an important, vital book. -- Donald Revell,


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