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Sleepless Nights and Days of Glory

Sleepless Nights and Days of Glory

By Hélène Rioux Jonathan Kaplansky

‘Tragedy at the End of the World’ restaurant. A little marriage fatigue, a cottage to sell and a woman in cashmere: suddenly twenty-seven years of conjugal life are swept away. Jean-Charles has left his wife. And with her goes the charm the restaurant possessed, where simple food was served to simple people. His new love interest insists on fancifying everything. Sleepless Nights and Days of Glory, the third volume in Hélène Rioux?s Fragments of the World series, opens with the theme of abandonment and betrayal, and then takes the reader around the world: from Bulgaria (the Black Sea) to Italy and Spain, from the Bahamas and Palma de Mallorca to Mexico City, Paris and, of course, Montreal.


Guernica Editions (Essential Translations Series)


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Nuits blanches et jours de gloire reminds us that the novelist is a fine observer of history, the current state of the world and the human condition in all its complexity. —Suzanne Giguère, Le Devoir. A breathless race with pauses exactly when you need to catch your breath. But we?re anxious to discover what awaits just around the corner ? dénouements, amusing situations, overlapping stories and unexpected recurrences leading to other avenues. Eyes, ears and taste: all the senses are awakened in this feast of this novel, as in the previous ones. A must-read. —Hans Jürgen Grief, Entre les lignes. The End of the World is the restaurant on St. Zotique Street in Montreal, where the fascinating adventure of the Fragments of the World began. Hélène Rioux has added a third part: summer solstice. On this longest day of the year, we follow the trajectory of characters encountered in Wednesday Night at the End of the World and Wandering Souls in Paradise Lost. Pas

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