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Robert Kroetsch

Robert Kroetsch

Essays on His Works

By Nicole Markotić

These essays span the period of Kroetsch's writing. Included are previously published and new essays that cover (some of) his novels, (some of) his poetry, and even (some of) his critical writing. The contributors include writers who knew Kroetsch well and those who only met him on the page; critics at the beginning of their careers and those well established in the Canadian literary field; men and women, writers and poets and critics and damn fine thinkers. The contributors featured are: Robert Archambeau, Catherine Bates, George Bowering, Jenna Butler, Pauline Butling, Dennis Cooley, Tom Dilworth, Nathan Dueck, Jasmine Elliott, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Jon R. Flieger, Jay Gamble, Gary Geddes, Susan Holbrook, Christine Jackman, Brian Jensen, Wiktor Kulinski, Michael Laverty, John Lent, Ann Mandel, Nicole Markotić, John Matias, Roy Miki, John Moss, Brianne O'Grady, Jeff Pardy, and Aritha van Herk.


Guernica Editions (Essential Writers Series)


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Markotić’s inclusion of biography, interviews, and poetic responses in addition to a series of compelling scholarly essays ultimately provides Essays with its unmistakably documentary feel. It surprises a reader with lyrical scholarly prose (“Tradition is not automatically bad and getting lost is not automatically good.”); with risky linguistic gestures protected by their status as academic sass (“Robert Kroetsch is a liar. Or so he’d like us to believe.”); and with scholarly citations legitimating scandalous explorations of deeply personal responses and musings (“As a serialist fondler, of words and objects, his was a citrus mind”).

Canadian Literature A Quarterly Criticism and Review

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About the author

Nicole Markotić is a novelist, critic, and poet. She has written eight books, including: Yellow Pages (Fitzhenry and Whiteside), Bent at the Spine (BookThug), Whelmed (Coach House), her YA novel, Rough Patch (Arsenal Press), and a critical book, Disability in Film and Literature (McFarland & Co.). As well, she has edited a collection of poetry by Dennis Cooley: By Word of Mouth (Wilfrid Laurier University Press), co-edited an anthology of essays: The Problem Body: Projecting Disability on Film (Ohio State UP), and is a fiction editor for NeWest Press. Currently, she is Professor of English Literature, Creative Writing, and Canadian Literature at the University of Windsor.