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Quarantine of The Mind

Quarantine of The Mind

Obedience Training for Adult Humans

By W. Strawn Douglas Larry Etkin

This book is grounded in W. Strawn Douglas' personal battle with mental illness and his experiences with it at the mental institution where he's lived for almost three decades. Different portions of it were created in different times, with Douglas in a variety of different mindsets, and it concerns itself mainly with the hoops that the government wants people who are mentally ill to jump through in all too often vain hopes of regaining their freedom. Some of the hoops are admittedly linked to reasonable goals and ideals. Unfortunately, too many others only serve the whims of our captors, serving the traditions of abuse in the oxymoron of “forced care.”


Guernica World Editions (World Essays)


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About the author

William Strawn Douglas currently resides at the Minnesota Security Hospital, Saint Peter, Minnesota, where he was committed under a diagnosis of being Mentally Ill and Dangerous in 1993. That was the aftermath of an incident where he stabbed a young woman in the leg during a schizophrenic episode, thinking he could use the “incident” as a way to draw “the law’s” attention to drug distribution activities he objected to.

Larry Etkin is a veteran communications professional who has worked more than four decades as a writer, editor, publication designer, and public relations consultant and media planner. He has designed and edited more than 100 books and scientific research monographs, including the cover graphic for this volume.