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Printmaker's Daughter, Painter's Wife

Printmaker's Daughter, Painter's Wife

By Nina Barragan

Deconstructing the fundamentals of identity.

This work of fusion moves beyond memoir to become a juggling act of reality and imagination. The narrative travels through melded panoramas of past and present, this country, the others, certainties and doubts. Inserts of fiction—revealing ties between life and writing—enhance the journey.


Guernica World Editions (GWE Creative Non-Fiction)


366 pages |

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Nina Barragan is not just a printmaker’s daughter and a painter’s wife, and her exquisite, intimate book is no mere memoir. Underneath the placidly ironic title, she explores the ways we sketch our illusions in life and fiction, as she takes her reader on a luminously insightful and captivating journey of a woman's self-scrutiny. Barragan is a quietly forceful writer, and her arresting tale teases strands of untamed memories into stories of displacement, erasure, duality, authenticity and the desire for transformation. This is the true art of writing: on the surface and deep underneath.

Ksenija Bilbija, Professor, Dept. of Spanish and Portuguese, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Nina Barragan's memoir is a deftly stitched quilt of many colours, a rich evocation of a writer's formation and a thought-provoking meditation on the roots of creativity.

Rick Archbold, writer and editor, Toronto, Canada

The Printmaker's Daughter, Painter's Wife juxtaposes various personal experiences while also weaving in a few short fiction pieces, demonstrating how life often informs art.

Laura Farmer, The Cedar Rapids Gazette

An intricate tapestry of family life that spans both continents and decades. Barragan is a master of the small, telling detail, lovingly recalled and deftly woven into the story. Hers is a wise and generous vision; to experience the world as she describes it is to come away enriched.

Yona Zeldis McDonough, Fiction Editor, Lilith Magazine

This is a book packed with heartfelt reflections and intimate biographical nuggets which will enrich students of printing history for many years to come, while also providing food for thought for wordsmiths of every variety, professional and amateur alike. Barragan's writing is to be savoured from the very first page to the last.

Martin Davies, The Barbary Press, Ibiza, Spain


International Book Awards for Creative Non-Fiction

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About the author

Nina Barragan, pen name of Rocío Lasansky Weinstein, was born in Cordoba, Argentina, raised in Iowa City, Iowa, and received a BA in English from the University of Iowa. Married to artist Alan Weinstein and mother of four grown children, home is Iowa City and Teeswater, Ontario. Since 1967 her work has appeared in quarterlies, journals and anthologies. She has published three books of fiction.