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Pineapple Kisses in Iqaluit

Pineapple Kisses in Iqaluit

By Felicia Mihali

Ten years after her picture on a magazine cover made her nationally famous as The Darling of Kandahar, Irina moves up North hoping that new experiences would allow old wounds to finally heal. Yet, in the land of darkness and polar bears, she learns that there really is no place to hide from herself. When she meets Constable Liam O’Connor, her past comes out to challenge her once again.


Guernica Editions (Essential Prose Series)


300 pages |

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A wry beguiling portrait of a Montreal schoolteacher who exchanges one solitude for another, leaving her home to teach for a year in a Francophone school in Iqaluit only to find herself drawn into a fractious relationship with the constable uncle of one of her students. Mihali’s depiction of the northern city and the forbidding landscape surrounding it is frank and unsentimental, as is her portrayal of lonely people at the edge of the continent striving to understand each other, and themselves, with six months of icy darkness unfolding around them.

David Demchuk, author of The Bone Mother

Felicia Mihali’s prose is at once lean and economical, but also razor-sharp in its depiction of the life of an outsider.

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About the author

Felicia Mihali is a journalist, novelist and publisher who lives in Montréal. In 2012, she published her first book in English, The Darling of Kandahar, inspired by a news item reported in Maclean’s magazine. Today, she writes in French and in English. She is the founder and president of Éditions Hashtag 2018 from Montréal.