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Momma's Got the Blues

Momma's Got the Blues

By David Sherman

Celebrating the joys of pop music and the musicians who live to play it; while taking an insider’s look at what the digital age has done to the artist, the business and the sound.

The golden days of MaryAnne’s singing career, of sold-out concert halls and hit records have given way to shabby rooms and paltry CD sales, battered by YouTube and streaming. But, MaryAnne, nearing 60, refuses to retire. When her party-animal single daughter becomes pregnant, MaryAnne rebels against becoming a grandmother and putting her dwindling career aside to help her daughter raise an infant. It’s left to her live-in lover to try and sew the family back together while MaryAnne clutches her six-string for dear life.


Guernica Editions (Essential Prose Series)


344 pages |

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About the author

David Sherman is an author, playwright and singer/songwriter. He has written for and edited newspapers and magazines and produced radio for the CBC and documentary films for TV. He is also a recovering squash and cycling junkie, an Asian food addict and an unrepentant gym rat. When not recovering from whatever joint tortured in the weight room, he cooks passionately, albeit badly, and walks nightly with his partner, Reisa. They live in the mountains north of Montréal. His novel, Momma’s Got the Blues, was released in May by Guernica Editions. His books include The Alcoholic’s Daughter, Fish Wrapped: True Confessions of Newsrooms Past, a collection of humorous essays from Canada’s top journalists about days gone by and Crossing the Line, set in the world of professional hockey. He’s also created, a blog about the joyous vicissitudes of aging with contributions from writers across Canada.