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Jane Urquhart

Jane Urquhart

By Laura Ferri

Jane Urquhart has published three books of poetry, a collection of short stories and five best-selling novels. Her fiction has won many honours including Canada's 1997 Governor General's Award, and France's prestigious Prix du Meilleur Livre Etranger. She lives in Ontario, Canada. The essays in this book investigate Jane Urquhart's interweaving of historical events, myth, folk tales, journeys and landscape with her acute perceptions of memory and self-transformation. The many critical voices in this collection invite readers to consider Jane Urquhart's very special vision of the world, one made up of migrations, dreams, spiritual quests and prophecy. Along with an interview with Urquhart recorded by the editor, there are essays by David Staines, Allan Hepburn, T.F. Rigelhof, Mary Conde, Caterina Ricciardi, John Moss, Marlene Goldman and Anne Compton.


Guernica Editions (Writers Series)


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About the author

Laura Ferri is cultural coordinator for the Siena-Toronto Centre in Siena, Italy. Recently she translated Childhood by André Alexis.