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Getting Huge

Getting Huge

By John Young

Beaten down by his affluent and perpetually disappointed deacons, six-foot-eleven Reverend John Crackstone finally cracks. What begins as backyard diversion swells into an absurd obsession: to grow the world’s largest pumpkin and, with the help of an entrepreneur friend, build a pumpkin empire to make everything from snacks to toilet paper—and win him fame and fortune. Crackstone sees his pumpkins, especially the giant named Schwartz, as his shot at greatness.

While often comic, Getting Huge is also a cautionary tale for our times. The pursuit of ill-defined success overrides judgment—until we, like John Crackstone, are jolted into clarity and head for the hills.

This romp of a novel is for all who have worked with the wrong people in the wrong place. And ached to escape—to start something new—to find a sense of belonging.


Guernica World Editions (World Prose)


308 pages |

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It takes an enormously gifted writer to bring to life characters that are loveable, quirky and utterly delightful! John Young writes with the humor of David Sedaris and the insight and humanity of John Updike. I saw myself in each of the characters, who, in the end, are all (thankfully) redeemable. I laughed out loud, turned down page corners to reread, and didn’t want the book to end. I can hardly wait until this author's next book!

Aileen Grever

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About the author

John Young wrote the novel When the Coin is in the Air and Fire in the Field and Other Stories. He graduated from Indiana University and Emerson College (MFA), taught English, and worked as a copywriter and creative director. After 20 years in Massachusetts, he now lives in Cincinnati, Ohio.