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Getting Huge

Getting Huge


When all else fails, grow the world’s largest pumpkin. That becomes John Crackstone’s obsession. He sees his pumpkins, especially the giant named Schwartz, as his shot at greatness and as his escape. Dreams of building a pumpkin empire spin absurdly high with the help of an out-of-work entrepreneur friend. John’s ambitions hopscotch absurdly as he ponders getting rich and showing his wealthy deacons that he can match or surpass their status in Concord, MA. When disaster smashes his pumpkin dreams, John seeks council and clarity from his ministerial mentor in the town of Worthington, NH



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About the author

John Young wrote the novel When the Coin is in the Air and Fire in the Field and Other Stories. He graduated from Indiana University and Emerson College (MFA), taught English, and worked as a copywriter and creative director. After 20 years in Massachusetts, he now lives in Cincinnati, Ohio.