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F.G. Paci

F.G. Paci

Essays on His Work

By Joseph Pivato

Frank Paci has been called one of the fathers of Italian-Canadian writing. His book, The Italians, was the first English novel to deal with the experience of Italian immigrants in Canada. Since 1978 Paci has chronicled this experience in powerful realistic narratives which have inspired other writers. The essays collected in this volume deal with some of Paci's eight novels and explore several literary themes, moral questions and philosophical preoccupations of this little known author. This book contains essays by Caterina Edwards, Roberta Sciff-Zamaro, Enoch Panofsky, Anna Carlevaris, Marino Tuzi, Gaetano Rando and Joseph Pivato, as well as a brief biography of F.G. Paci and an interview in three parts by C.D. Minni and Joseph Pivato.


Guernica Editions (Writers Series)


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About the author

Joseph Pivato is Professor Emeritus of Literary Studies at Athabasca University in Edmonton. His Ph.D. is in Comparative Literature. When he held The Mariano Elia Chair in Italian-Canadian Studies at York University in 1987-88, he taught the first course on Italian-Canadian literature offered anywhere. In 1985 he edited Contrasts: Comparative Essays on Italian-Canadian Writing which became a seminal book promoting ethnic minority writing. His other publications include: Africadian Atlantic: Essays on George Elliott Clarke (2012), Echo: Essays on Other Literatures (1994), Mary di Michele: Essays on Her Works (2007), The Anthology of Italian-Canadian Writing (1998), and Caterina Edwards: Essays in Her Works (2000). His new books are: Sheila Watson: Essays on Her Works (2015), and Rina Del Nin Cralli, From Friuli: Poems in Friulan, with English Translations (2015, Longbridge Books, Montreal).