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By Brian Blair

The photographs in this volume are evocations made visible through reflection, observation, exploration, and expression … the embodiment of memory, renderings of personal emotional truth … recollections of the photographer’s life during the 1970s, spanning the decade he underwent basic art training and developed as a professional image-maker. Few frames from this collection were printed at the time, and the negatives resided untouched for decades in an old cardboard box that inhabited the basements and attics of his transitory world. In 2017, 40 years later, he opened that box, and discovered history anew, awakening long dormant feelings and perceptions. Through the prism of time, reminiscence sometimes brings clarity, but just as often, the residue of the past can be complex and blurry. The metaphors in these contemporaneous visual musings are both non-verbal and evocative, as well as testament to the veracity and longevity of ocular fragments, the reverberations of a long process.


Guernica Editions (World Photography)


150 pages |

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About the author

Graduating from the Ontario College of Art and Design in 1978, Brian found himself in the vortex of corporate life for the next 35 years, founding a company and leading a team which evolved into a fully integrated communications agency, producing video, interactive and special event projects for major corporations. Since retiring from business activities in 2015, Brian has returned to his true passion, making images of his choosing in a diversity of media … drawing, painting, sculpture, and photography (and any hybrid combination of these). Brian divides his time between Toronto and Brockville with his wife Drina of 35 years.