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Coming Here, Being Here

Coming Here, Being Here

A Canadian Migration Anthology

By Don Mulcahy

This migration anthology is an entertaining miscellany of memoir, essays, newspaper reportage, and even a poem, highlighting the humour, as well as the ironies and agonies generated when humans seek a new homeland. The authors, and their stories, are as diverse as our Canadian population itself, and help to tell who we all are within this amazing, tolerant, nurturing and sometimes frustrating geographic space called Canada.


Guernica Editions (Essential Anthologies Series)


400 pages |

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Here is a shifting of borders, a redrawing of maps, a constant making and remaking of worlds in the one dwelling we have in common: language.

Tamas Dobozy, author of When X Equals Marylou, Last Notes and Other Stories, and Siege 13, winner of the Rogers/ Writers Trust of Canada Fiction Award

Who are we in Canada? … The essays in this collection explore the meaning of relocation to Canada and the effects on later generations. Each author colours this life-changing experience with the culture of his or her ethnic origins.

Joseph Pivato, Professor Emeritus, Athabasca University


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About the author

Don Mulcahy, born in Clydach, Wales, and a Canadian citizen since 1969, lives in Strathroy, Ontario, where he writes poetry, prose, book reviews and newspaper articles following an academic career in dentistry. His work has appeared in a variety of journals including The Prairie Journal, Matrix, Coffee House Poetry (U.K.), iota (U.K.), Verse Afire, fait accomplit, blood ink, Tower Poetry, the Antigonish Review and Vallum, as well as in the anthologies Butterfly Thunder, Sounding the Seconds, Ascent Aspirations, the Voices Israel 2013 Poetry Anthology, Ekphrastia Gone Wild (U.S.) and “Writing After Retirement” (U.S.). In 2014 he published a political critique titled “Bogus Democracy”. He has written occasional columns for a rural newspaper, and is a book reviewer for Ninnau, the Welsh-American quarterly.