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Circling Beacons

Circling Beacons

By Alberto Blanco Jennifer Rathbun

Circling Beacons is recognized as Blanco’s masterpiece, thanks to the fact that it introduced a new tone in Mexican poetry. The carefully structured architecture of the book does not oppose, but rather plays with the spontaneity of its masterful images. Poems inspired by surrealism, symbolism, Zen and English metaphysical poets, it is distinguished, above all, by the lessons learned in classical Chinese poetry. Blanco shows himself to be a true master of language in Circling Beacons by creating multiple layers of imagery and interpretations on each individual poem and the collection as a whole.


Guernica Editions (World Poetry)


152 pages |

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About the author

Alberto Blanco (Mexico City, 1951) – Since the release of his first book, Giros de faros, in 1979, he has published 50 books of poetry, plus poetic translations, books on visual arts, and children’s books. Blanco’s extensive work has explored diverse poetic forms; from the most archaic and traditional to the strictly contemporary and experimental. His poetry has been translated into more than twenty languages.

Jennifer Rathbun is a Spanish Professor and Chair of the Department of Modern Languages and Classics at Ball State University. She’s published sixteen books of poetry in translation, two anthologies of poetry, and the poetry collection El libro de las traiciones / The Book of Betrayals (2021). She was awarded the 2021 Ambroggio Prize granted by Academy of American Poets.