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Canada: A Taste of Home/Les saveurs de chez soi

Canada: A Taste of Home/Les saveurs de chez soi

By Oriana Palusci Ylenia De Luca

Canada: A Taste of Home/ Les saveurs de chez soi is a collection of papers, written either in French or in English, that investigate the different cuisines of immigrants in a literary, linguistic and cultural perspective. Far from home, food expresses a sense of nostalgia, belonging and identity, as the authors suggest in dealing with the many implications and attitudes to food. On a literary and cultural table sumptuously prepared with recipes dearly carried from native homes near and far, full of strange ingredients, tastes, smells, colours, cultural practices, habits, plurilinguistic Canada celebrates the triumph of a migrant country, whose life is rooted in the rich soil of far off cooking traditions and memories. Indeed, Canada is a culinary laboratory in which gastronomies showcase and confirm the ethnic diversity of its multicultural peoples.


Guernica World Editions (World Essays)


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About the author

Oriana Palusci is a professor of English at the University of Naples ‘L’Orientale’ (Italy). She has published extensively on contemporary Women writers, Gender Studies, Utopia and Science Fiction, Travel Writing, Postcolonial Studies, Translation Studies, Canadian Linguistics and Cultures, the Languages of Tourism, Critical Toponymy, and Environmental issues. She is the current President of the Italian Association for Canadian Studies and President of the Centre for Canadian Studies at the University of Naples ‘L’Orientale’.

Ylenia De Luca est professeur agrégé de littérature française à l’Université Aldo Moro de Bari (Italie). Elle est directeur de la Revue: “Echo” et President du Cours en Sciences de la Communication. Elle s’intéresse à la poésie canadienne de langue française entre le XX et le XXI siècle, à la poésie française du XX siècle ainsi qu’à la littérature francophone contemporaine et à la littérature de voyage et de genre. Elle a déjà publié quatre volumes sur ces thèmes et de nombreux essais dans des revues nationales et internationales.