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A Schizo-Philosopher's Colouring Book

A Schizo-Philosopher's Colouring Book

By Douglas Ord

A Schizo-Philosopher's Colouring Book is a playful experiment in what the philosopher Gilles Deleuze might call ?crowned anarchy.? The crown of authority is worn by the format ?colouring book,? in a style that repeats with difference. Anarchy enters via a swarm of figures from philosophical, literary, theological, and art history, each with a quotation. These distribute themselves over fifty-two drawings, producing little machines that are desirous of colour and driven by paradox, whose ?organization of surface ... assures the resonance between two series.?


MiroLand (Colouring Books)


120 pages |

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About the author

Douglas Ord was, from an early age, tasked with constructing “the self called normal” / “le moi dit normal.” A Schizo-Philosopher’s Colouring Book is among the outcomes.