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The Sea-Wave

The Sea-Wave

By Rolli

A flash fiction novel, The Sea-Wave details the aftermath of the kidnapping by an elderly and emotionally damaged man of a severely disabled, wheelchair-bound, unusually bright, depressive 12-year-old girl incapable of speech. The novel consists of the girl's entries in her diary-like memorandum book, entries which relate her own, surprising thoughts on her kidnapping, family, and disabilities, in addition to her verbatim transcriptions of the old man's monologues, which appear to reveal, in fragments, the details of a very specific and unusual period in his life.


Guernica Editions (Essential Prose Series)


140 pages |

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This novel-in-pieces is richly detailed and deeply felt: the flash fictions swing muscularly from closely observed scenes from the point of view of someone paralyzed and denied motion to the point of not feeling “human,” to a portrait of parents as people both inadequate and loving. This girl’s world is recognizable, despite its singularity. Her wry voice is funny and sad and relatable.

Necessary Fiction

Rolli has succeeded exceptionally well in stimulating both imagination and empath in >em>The Sea-Wave.

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Saboteur Award (Long-listed)

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About the author

Rolli is a writer, illustrator and cartoonist from Regina, SK, Canada. He’s the author of two short story collections, two collections of poems and two children’s titles. His cartoons appear regularly in The Wall Street Journal, Reader’s Digest, Harvard Business Review, The Walrus, Adbusters and other popular outlets.