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Molly Lake in the Quebec Affair

Molly Lake in the Quebec Affair

By Samuel Endicott

It is spring, 1759. Two European empires are battling for North America. When Raiders from New France abduct her mother, Molly's rescue effort crosses paths with a French assassin, Indians, government corruption, and a handsome enemy soldier. Samuel Endicott captures the essence of colonial Quebec and weaves a masterful yarn of a teenager coming of age within as besieged city's stone walls. Employing exhaustive research, he brings to life the final days of New France that forever changed the continent. The Quebec Affair has elements every reader craves -- memorable characters, thrilling action, romance, and suspense.


Guernica Editions (World Prose)


250 pages |

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Endicott balances a large cast. Rich in historical detail, he blends historical facts with the many characters while using fictional characters to round out the story. This is a long novel, almost 500 pages, and at times the pace can be slow, but the drama and action compelled me to continue turning the pages.

Jeff Westerhoff, The Historical Novel Society


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About the author

Ranger and paratrooper Samuel Endicott served in the US Army as a combat engineer from 1975-95. He is the author of the Molly Lake Series.