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Leper Tango

Leper Tango

By David Mackinnon

Leper Tango is an end of millennium tale of an ambulance-chasing lawyer who uses his ill-gotten gains to whore and drink in Paris, where he falls for a dead-end, suicidal femme fatale named Sheba. The first part of a trilogy of novels (The Graveyard Of The Innocents), some set in Europe and others set in Quebec, Leper Tango recounts the lunar trajectory of Franck Robinson -- a self-confessed member of ”the despised and despicable sub-species of skirt-chaser known as the john.” During one of Franck's regular free-falls into the Parisian night, he meets Sheba, who moves from being Franck's favourite hooker to being Franck's obsession.


Guernica Editions (Essential Prose Series)


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The writing reminds me by turns of Henry Miller, Hunter Thompson, Malaparte and Blaise Cendrars... Leper Tango also put me in mind of a James M. Cain novel, Postman, especially. Only better written. The observations, sidereal stuff, similes, metaphors, analogies, all that is superb. Also, I like the supporting cast, Tranh, especially, but the second tier hookers, as well. I don`t know who the hell in this country could do any better, certainly no one is writing with such wild style.

Jim Christy

May I be blunt? I loved Leper Tango. It wasn't at all what I expected, but I still devoured the thing whole. I'm going to hunt down MacKinnon's backlist and read it as soon as I can ... Leper Tango is not to be missed. It's not for everyone, but those who can withstand its blunt language and unvarnished situations will never forget it.

Joe Hartlaub - The Book Report

Franck Robinson, forty-something, chaser of skirts, usually the low-end sidewalk variety, combs the streets of Paris in search of Sheba, whom he imagines to be the ultimate Parisian whore. Franck drifts from bordello to bar, and ultimately finds himself trapped by his own demons of alcohol and a fatal attraction. With this hilarious novel, the Canadian MacKinnon showcases a talent for the absurd and a mastery of language reminiscent of Henry Miller.

Glamour Magazine

Leper Tango is a heady mix of Chandler, Miller, Breton and ... MacKinnon.

Dutch "Provo" poet Hans Plomp


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About the author

David J. MacKinnon is a Sorbonne graduate in history cum laude, a member of two law societies, and has translated for the international criminal tribunals of Rwanda, the Hague and Yugoslavia. He serves on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Association of Legal Translators, and is co-founder and Director of the Long March to Rome, an indigenous-led mission seeking repeal of the Papal Bulls of Discovery. In earlier days, he worked as oil field roughneck, toilet factory worker, longshoreman and morgue attendant. He has walked the ancient Santiago de Compostela pilgrim’s trail and to Chartres several times. He has published two novels, Leper Tango and The Eel, and a critically-acclaimed translation of radio interviews of the French vagabond poet Blaise Cendrars in Blaise Cendrars Speaks.