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By Carol Barbour

Carol Barbour's new book of poetry is a heady concoction of sumptuous beauty and dangerous relations. Characterized by a strong, rhythmic cadence, the language is evocative of the beating heart which nudges at the edge of being. Trauma is carefully negotiated, wrestling in a precarious balance between memory and what remains inconceivable. Barbour invites the reader to reflect on human frailty, and the inherent desire to mend relations with others, and with oneself. The poems are intricate ciphers, heroic missals, created to forestall the propensity of life to come undone. An intimate and heroic collection, Infrangible reveals the artist as a child, a woman, and a lover, in search of meaning, union, and recognition.


Guernica Editions (Essential Poets Series)


80 pages |

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Barbour, a visual artist and art historian as well as a poet, writes with a painter’s eye.

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About the author

Carol Barbour’s poems have been published by Canthius, Sein und Werden, The Ekphrastic Review, Transverse Journal, The Fiddlehead, and The Toronto Quarterly. A graduate of the University of Toronto (MA) and the Ontario College of Art (AOCA), Carol is a poet, visual artist, and art historian. She resides in Toronto.