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If You're Not Free at Work, Where Are You Free

If You're Not Free at Work, Where Are You Free

Literature and Social Change

By Tom Wayman

The essays in If You're Not Free At Work, Where Are You Free?: Literature and Social Change focus on the interconnection of community/workplace/individual and how literature (and thinking about literature) has a role in social struggles aimed at making that nexus more liberatory. The essays' topics include various social issues in contemporary writing--daily work, narrative, love poems, the teaching (and hence status) of poetry, and postmodernism.


Guernica Editions (Essential Essays Series)


250 pages |

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On The Shadows We Mistake for Love: Wayman’s richly textured and tightly structured stories are steeped in history … Shifting in response to internal and external forces, the Slocan Valley and its inhabitants—wholly realized under Wayman’s deft touch—feel simultaneously alive and vulnerable.

Quill & Quire

On Winter's Skin: Passionate and lyrical by turns, didactic at others, insisting that ideals matter, that people must strive for more empathy and honesty, Wayman demands much of his readers. He leaves us, as always, with a fire in the belly and a smile on our lips.

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George Ryga Award for Social Awareness in Literature (Short-listed)

Poetry Foundation’s 2019 Pegasus Award for Poetry Criticism (Short-listed)

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About the author

Since 1973 Tom Wayman has published more than 20 books of poetry and prose, most recently the poetry collection Helpless Angels and a short fiction collection, The Shadows We Mistake for Love. In March 2015 the Vancouver, B.C. Public Library chose him as a “Literary Landmark”. The plaque about his contribution to the city’s literary heritage highlights his championing of contemporary work writing.