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Colour Theory

Colour Theory

By Megan Mueller

A letter of apology to Vincent Van Gogh, a flat-footed dialogue with Bernini's Pope Gregory, a searing glimpse into a young dissident's life between the Wars -- Colour Theory catapults readers back in time to unpack the human condition through vivid imagery and gripping narratives. It investigates how the mind deconstructs and regenerates events. The poems speak to each other and contribute to a steady momentum that's both elegant and elastic. Collectively, they paint a visceral and highly emotive picture of the universal desire to find meaning, compassion and belonging where even the most ordinary details shimmer with new light and lyrical intensity.


Guernica Editions (Essential Poets Series)


88 pages |

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Megan Mueller has a gift for communion with the inanimate – a sculpture, a painting, her surroundings, her dead. She can say, I need to talk to you about my mother: Have you seen her, lately, in the clouds? She is addressing the bust of a long-dead pope. One believes her. One also believes that she’ll receive a reply from the sainted Gregory.

George Payerle

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About the author

Toronto writer Megan Mueller worked as a senior editor at Harcourt, Oxford University Press and Canadian Scholars’ Press for nearly two decades. She has contributed to numerous Canadian arts and literary journals including Geist, The Antigonish Review and The Dalhousie Review. Colour Theory is her first volume of poetry.