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Venera Dreams

Venera Dreams

A Weird Entertainment

By Claude Lalumière

Venera Dreams is a mosaic novel, a surreal history of a fictional and fantastical European city-state, inspired in part by Venice, The Arabian Nights, and the architecture of Antoni Gaudí. It is divided in three sections. The first, The Lure of Vermilion, describes the impact of Venera's lure on various characters. The second section, Adventures in Times Past, ranges from the Roman Empire's invasion of Venera and an intrigue involving a Veneran spy at the court of the Chinese Zhengde Emperor during the Renaissance to a tale of Salvador Dalí's ties to Venera and a metafictional exploration of Scheherazade's relationship to Venera. The final section, The Secret Histories of Magus Amore, returns to the present to resolve the mysteries of Venera.


Guernica Editions (Speculative Fiction)


252 pages |

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Insanely brilliant ... wildly entertaining - Barnes & Noble Book Club Filled with blunt, carnal imagery and a moist, pulsing energy ... with unique characters - Tangent Online Bizarre, fascinating, hilarious - The Portal / The World SF Blog

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