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Rosemary Bluebell

Rosemary Bluebell

By Hadi Atallah

When Rosemary grows tired of her father's overstatements and boasting with respect to her supernatural powers, which includes the ability to create flowers just by looking at their images, she decides to flee to a sanctuary far from Pandemville, her hometown. Together with a friend, and pursued by an angry father, Rosemary is sent on a series of journeys in order to escape an unknown danger. During those journeys, Rosemary encounters a series of very different societies, each of which offers to share its ideals: Courage, Loyalty, Awareness, Wisdom and Strength. Little does Rosemary know the wealth of knowledge this journey would bring her -- and how that knowledge would eventually serve to help save the life of her father.


Guernica World Editions (World Young Readers)


168 pages |

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About the author

Hadi Atallah is a novelist, a poet and a keeper of a small oyster. In his own words: “I dislike new white clothes and I never carried a new hat. What I usually write, I know, might be a reflection, a piece of me accidentally drifting in or a complete illusion. And I do prefer mythology over a history rich in lies. I also have a Bachelor of Arts in International Business from Coventry University and a Post Graduate Diploma in Creative Writing from the University of York. Stepping onto campus with my lungs full of fresh air is one thing I'm very fond of. Also, did you know that creativity has an intuition? It’s called inspiration."