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Love is a very long word

Love is a very long word

By Majlinda Bashllari

Love is a very long word explores the parallel, ambiguous realms of freedom and love -- much coveted yet unnatural states of the human mind. Combining the tradition of Balkan lyricism with narrative modernist techniques, these bold poems witness the cross-cultural world of their subjects -- from wounds to hope, struggle to wry triumph. The striking cover image for Love is a very long word is by photographer Marsida Lekaj.


Guernica Editions (Essential Poets Series)


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With their cultural roots in Albania, the poems in Love is a very long word are distinct in welcome ways from almost anything else in Canadian literature. Laconic and edged with sharp wit, they engage the necessary courage and strength of character to transform the often bleak, thwarted and alienated experiences which they recount into art of the finest, most valid sort: uncompromising, imaginative, and deeply true to life.

Allan Briesmaster

These poems are immediately accessible and still full of mystery. There's passion from a woman's point of view, escape stories, poems about family and so on. The subject matter is far less important than the way Bashllari wraps you around her fingers and has her way with you. The reader is happy inside these poems because Bashllari knows the secret languages of intimacy.

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About the author

Born in Albania, Majlinda Bashllari’s first poetry collection, Një udhë për në shtëpi (A road to home), was published in Tirana, Albania (Morava, 2007). Bashllari’s work has appeared in numerous Albanian art and literature magazines and in Albanian anthologies of essays and short stories. Love is a very long word is her first English-language collection of poems. She lives with her family in Toronto.