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Land for Fatimah

Land for Fatimah

By Veena Gokhale

Four strong women: Anjali, an Indo-Canadian single mother who eagerly accepts an African posting with her non-profit organization; Grace, her dedicated but dominating colleague, who opposes her; Fatimah, a farmer ousted from her home and fertile farmland, whom Anjali befriends; and Mary, Anjali's kindly maid, who must secure the future of her son, Gabriel. In Land for Fatimah, Anjali involves herself in Fatimah's quest to find new land for her scattered community, and is thrown into a web of intrigue that upturns her safe, orderly world. Capturing the warmth and vitality of Africa, illuminating everyday heroism, the novel explores expat life, the forced displacement of the poor and the complexities of development.


Guernica Editions (Essential Prose Series)


304 pages |

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Erudite and engaging. The characters are drawn with empathy and compassion. The tension between the exigencies of justice and the demands of bureaucracy is aptly depicted. The protagonist, Anjali, is a complex, multidimensional character, admirable for her attempts to put principle ahead of pragmatism.

H. Nigel Thomas

The story hit many of those bitter sweet moments you have when trying to make a difference against all odds. I know anybody who has worked in a developing country or with an NGO will love the book.

Andra Tamburro, Former Director at Water Advocates


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About the author

Veena Gokhale, an immigrant shape shifter, started her career as a journalist in Bombay. This “tough, tantalizing” city inspired Bombay Wali and other stories (Guernica 2013). After immigrating to Canada, she worked for non-profits. Land for Fatimah is partly inspired by the two years she spent working in Tanzania. Veena has published fiction and poetry in anthologies and literary magazines. She continues to write freelance, and is currently marketing her book, The Artichoke, Sensuous Stories. She lives in Montreal.