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A Rogue's Decameron

A Rogue's Decameron

By Stan Rogal

A Rogue's Decameron consists of ten stories - tales - that loosely follow the fabliaux style and are based within the spirit of Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales and Boccaccio's The Decameron: extravagance, joy and ribald humour around sex, lust, vice, death and other ?hungers' of human beings. Using similar framing technique as these works - a prologue, a short description of each story and an epilogue, the stories explore themes such as social commentary and satire aimed at personal politics, societal mores and customs, hierarchies, and religious beliefs. All with Toronto as a backdrop and brought up to date for the sensibilities of a 21st century audience.


Guernica Editions (Essential Prose Series)


180 pages |

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[Rogal's] short stories are jewels of literature: highly polished, bright flashes of insight in a compact form, sharing the intensity of concise language with poetry, following a well-constructed narrative that highlights a single event, crisis, or surprising dénouement

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About the author

Stan Rogal was born in Vancouver and now resides in Toronto with his painter partner and pet jackabee. He is the author of 26 books: 7 novels, 7 short story collection, 12 poetry collections, and several chapbooks. He has an MA English from York U. He once had drinks in a seedy Vancouver bar with Allen Ginsberg. Allen drank orange juice.